Race Equipment

We provide a complete line of race equipment to make your event look first class!

Barricades: Crowd Control

barricades for crowd control

Our barricades are second to none in the industry. The rectangular shape is perfect for displaying your sponsors' banners. The ease of transport, set up and tear down enables us to keep our prices low.

Road cones

road cones

What is an event without road cones? We have enough cones for all of your coning needs in various sizes: 12", 18" or 28".

KM / Mile Markers

Mile Marker and Clock

Let us mark your race route with our Race Kit Km & Mile markers. The 8ft height makes them visible to all of your athletes, and you can add a clock to ensure they keep pace for a PB.

Start and Finish Line Structures

finish line structure

They are the focal points of any race, yet many races have little or nothing at all. We will work with you to provide the best structures your race can afford! We also have various structures in stock that can be customized with banners to fit your event's needs.

Vertical Start and Finish Lines

vertical start line

These are ideal for narrow roads or tight locations. They can be put in place and removed quickly, which make them perfect for when the road has to be opened immediately!

Announcer Towers

As you well know announcers not only need to be heard—they need to be seen. We have announcer towers and stands from 5 ft to 10 ft high and they can stand the "dance test"!

Sound systems

Music is the spice of life, adding energy and excitement to your event. Let the tunes set the tone I always say! We have various systems to cover your all of your event needs.

Race clocks

race clock

We can hang a clock, stand a clock and even strap it to the roof of a car! Why not let us place a clock at each mile or km? This provides a great service to the athletes and a terrific sponsorship opportunity!



We have a variety of small tents for your event and we know where to find bigger ones! We know it is not going to rain on your event but these tents are great if it does.

Misting Tent

Misting Tent

The best way to keep athletes out of your medical tent is to cool them down after your event. Race Kit's Misting Tent provides a simple yet effective way to soothe your athletes! All you need is a garden hose and we will provide the rest. It is also a lot of fun for the kids!

Bike Racks

Unless you require your athletes to have kick-stands you will probably need a few bike racks. Don't worry—we have them!


Ahh... often the most overlooked area of any special event is power! Believe it or not, those things with plugs need to be plugged in! While we are not electricians, we do have generators and cords to cover the most basic of needs.

Medal Stand

Medal stand

Our medal stands provide your volunteers with a great way to organize and control the distribution of your finisher's medal.