Race Kit Event Service Inc.

Race Kit Event Services Inc.
Ontario, Canada

"Sweating is for the athletes, not the organizers!"

A Service for Event Organizers

As a Race Director only you know the value of a good right hand man (or woman), you know, the person who keeps the show running while you are taking care of your volunteers or off meeting with the police or doing yet another interview. Race Kit Event Service will take care of the logistics while you handle the important duties of being the person in charge.

No event is too small!

No event is too large either. We service all types of athletic and community based events including but nowhere near limited to:

Running Races — 5K's, 10K's, marathons, cross country—you name it!

Triathlons — From a try a tri to an Ironman and anything in between!

Charity Walks or Runs — All you need is the cause and we will handle the rest!

Cycling Events — On the pavement or in the dirt, it doesn't matter to us—we will dress appropriately!

Parades — Santa Claus, St. Patrick or Stanley Cup. I know which one I prefer!

Race Kit Event Service Inc.

4269 Station Road
Vineland, ON Canada  L0R 2E0
Toll-free: 1-855-200-RACE (7223)